Sky Ranch Amusement Park Tagaytay, Philippines

The Sky Ranch Park In Tagaytay Is A Great Place For All Ages....

When I visited the Sky Ranch Amusement Park I was amazed by the prices! Most of the rides are not to crazy fast and can still be enjoyable for everybody. There are water rides, go karts, rollercoasters, games and more! The food is great and so is the weather here might get kind of cold when night comes though. If your in Tagaytay, Philippines you need to check this place out.

What I came across when visiting the amusement park....

When I entered the park I could feel the excitement from the crowd. There are many different kinds of rides to pick from. They have log rides, bumper boats, swinging ships, a couple of younger kid rides and a few rollercoasters. They have a 3-D rollercoaster simulator and many games to play where you can win prizes. When I was there they had Pokemon dolls as prizes. The food here is good but expensive compared to food outside the park. The best part of this place is you get one of the most amazing views of Taal Volcano here. I highly recommend visiting this place you might wanna eat before you come though.

Things to see outside of the park....

There is many different things to do in this area. Something relaxing and laid to explore is the picnic grove not to far. It was amazing views of Taal Volcano all around. There is also the presidential mansion thats not to far as well as a casino too. It has a beautiful views of the mountains and landscape. If you like shopping there are plenty of shops and malls close by. 

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