Saint Patrick's Day 2020 Party City Destinations USA

Where To Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day 2020

I had to talk about some of the best places to celebrate Saint Patrick's day since the day is close and my ancestors come from Ireland I felt this was appropriate. I talk about only the trending cities in the USA. If your looking to experience the best places to celebrate you wanna learn more about these popular spots.

Saint Patrick's Day Trending Destinations....

I only talk about 3 places since most people want to keep it short and sweet. New York City is my first topic. This place is known to have some of the best parades in the entire country for Saint Patrick's Day. Millions of people attend the parade every year so you can expect some of the best entertainment. Chicago is the second place I talk about. The main reason I picked this place is because how die hard they are. They literally dye there river entirely green during Saint Patrick's Day. The last place I talk about is Boston. It is known for having a lot of Irish dependents there. Even though your just in Boston and not Ireland the Irish locals will make you forget all about that.

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