Rose Garden and Old Witch House - Exploring Parks in Portland

Exploring Parks in Portland - Old Witch House and Rose Gardens....

Beautiful roses, amazing natural parks and an old abandon witch house. So much to see here in Portland, Oregon. This is where you can come to relax and enjoy nature. This place left an impression on me that left me wanting more of this great city!

The rose garden is best during spring but I came during summer....

Weather during summer in Portland is surprisingly nice. The warm air and cool windy breeze will bring you into paradise! We had to take a short hike through Washington Park before we made it to the rose garden. There was a good amount of roses all over the place. After seeing all the different roses I realized it must be even more beautiful during the spring. I highly recommend visiting during the spring you will not regret it.

Washington Park and the abandoned old witch house....

The parks in Portland are very clean and full of natural lush green nature. The hike through Washington park was very pleasant but we couldn't finish it all it is very big! We didn't even know we would stumble across an abandoned old witch house. The house was falling apart but was still stable enough for people to walk inside and on the second floor to explore it. It was a cool experience and if you love hiking you will appreciate this place.

While you are in Portland there are some other gardens you can explore too! They have a Japanese garden which is very popular among tourists. It has waterfalls, koi ponds and many other Japanese inspired art using nature for its canvas. The Chinese garden is smaller but still pleasing to the eye. It is located in the middle of the city but if you avoid the tall buildings its like being transported right into china. The architecture is wonderful and the buildings are filled with nice art as well. All of these garden are beautiful and will continue to recommend to anyone visiting Portland.

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