Rapsa Nui Food Park In Coron Philippines

Corons New Food Court Soft Opening

I came to Coron, Philippines to do some island hopping and found this sweet place for food, shopping and entertainment. I heard about this place from the bed and breakfast I was staying at. It was in a nice location so I had no problem taking a walk from there. When I arrived it was night time and the fun was just getting started!


This place was amazing I loved eating and drinking here! There is a great selection of food and beverages! Plus the entertainment there will have you staying for hours! All the people we encountered at this place are super friendly. This is a place that can leave a lasting impression and I will not forget the good times here. You can make this your destination for special occasions or even just for a quick bite!

Rapsa Nui Food Park Coron Philippines


We arrived at this place after island hopping all day in Coron, Philippines and we made friends who ended up joining us as well. They both came from Spain and they were taking the same journey as us but in the opposite direction. That was a little unfortunate but we had one of the best times ever at this place. Meeting other travelers is just one of the many best things I love about traveling.

Friends Drinking Beer

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