Puerto Galera's White Beach In The Philippines - Food, Fun, Nightlife and More

Exploring the life in Puerto Galera, Philippines....

What you can expect coming here is that it can be hot and humid. When you make it to the beach though the ocean breeze makes it so much better! The seafood there is amazing and most of the restaurants all have great views of the whole beach. It was fun dining the afternoon and then partying at night. Once it starts getting darker thats when the fun happens. The DJs come out to play music and the some fire dancers come to give everyone a light show for free! Tips are appreciated though. Check out the show in the video Below!

City life in Puerto Galera and the resort I stayed at....

The resort had a nice beach view and offered free breakfast which was nice. The food there was good nothing to boast about but the view and room are both nice. Once you get into town it will get a little hot with all the vehicles, people and buildings. Get passed that part or wait till the afternoon for it to cool this place is really nice to explore. It has lots of clubs and nice seafood bars everywhere. This is a place I would totally comeback to.

What it was like when going to White Beach day and night....

The place we went to was called White Beach. It was very beautiful especially when we arrived at sunset. Many people seemed like they either just started showing up or was already leaving. We stayed for the sunset I got some drinks at the bar while my girl went to look for souvenirs. The experience was really amazing and wouldn't mind doing it again. As night fell the entertainers began showing up. They had DJs having beach rave parties, fire dancers that would be doing some crazy ticks and there was even a drag show on the beach with a comedian. This was a crazy beach to be at during night I can say at the least. The food was great and there was many things to do and fun to be had!

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