Picnic Grove - Great Views To See And Fun To Be Had Tagaytay, Philippines

Breathtaking Views and Great for Family Gatherings....

This was a very nice place indeed. The view of mountains and Taal volcano was truly amazing. I saw many families here eating and enjoying themselves here. They have horseback rides, zip lining and a few more other things to enjoy. Most the time the weather is perfect here it never get to hot. Picnic Grove is a great place to cool off and relax.

What to expect when you get there....

The weather here will stay very nice most the time but on other days it can get pretty cold. One thing that sucked about this place was the many stairs you have to take to explore this place. It was a good workout but I wouldn't want to walk the whole time. You can take the zip line if you don't wanna walk the whole place. Picnic Grove is a nice place just be prepared to climb stairs to get the best views!

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