Palawan Philippines - White Sand and Clear Water - Voted Best Beaches in the World

Palawan Philippines - White Sand and Clear Water - Voted Best Beaches in the World

If you have never visited an island in your entire life this one will give you a passion for island hopping the world! Many say its the best island in the world since it has everything an island could need. It became so popular they shut it down for a short while but its open again. Check out these amazing facts your going to love this one!

Palawan alone has over 1,780 islands to explore!!!

The Philippines is known for having the whitest sand, clearest water and they have more islands then any other country in the world!

If you head south from the main city from Manila, Philippines you will eventually reach a coast with islands spread out all over the sea beyond your vision. If your not sure exactly where to start in the Philippines I would highly recommend Palawan.

You can take a plane from manila or take a ferry from one of its main ports. If you do take a Ferry you can save about $80 in most cases and it takes just a little longer to get there.

The Beaches in Palawan and Things to do while visiting.

The Most popular beaches to check out in Palawan right now are Coron, El Nido, and Boracay. These Islands can offer you some of the best beach experiences you will ever have.

There is so much to do in Palawan from scuba diving sunk coral reef ships to lounging on the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen! This place will continue to amaze you and Palawan is also known for having one of the longest underground rivers in the world you can actually navigate through!

New islands continue to get discovered and new species of animals too. The abundance of life in the Philippines is amazing!If you are an island hoping junkie the Philippines will give you the adventure of a lifetime. 

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