Life In Mexico City Is Better Then What You Think

What To Expect Arriving Into Mexico City....

Mexico city was a lot better then I thought. I wouldn't mind staying and living in Mexico for longer then I did. The food was amazing everywhere I went. Most the people are nice and ask how was your day. I really enjoyed my time there and wish I could share it with more people. I will be back there again eventually but till then enjoy some more videos I will put out until then. This video below will have some quick facts about the place let me know what you think! 

What I did during my time in Mexico city....

I had a friend that let me stay with him here. When I first arrived I was worried about getting lost or running into the wrong people. While staying with him we traveled a lot outside of mexico city. We visited pyramids, beaches and historic museums. I was amazed at how much more Mexico had to offer. Staying in Mexico city for most the time was awesome! I never got tired of the beautiful parks and delicious tacos. There was also this hamburger lady that would come right outside the place I stayed every weekend and had some kind of magical beef because I miss those burgers. I crave one now hahaha.

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