Going to a dentist in a foreign country - The cities in the Philippines

Dentist in the Philippines better then going in USA?

Is going to the dentist better then going in the USA? My first time in the Philippines and I needed a dentist. I discuss what I experienced going to a dentist in the USA compared to the Philippines.


What I experienced going to a dentist in America to one in the Philippines.

I don't have the best teeth and nobody in the world does either. Anybody who has had tooth pain knows the agonizing pain and it is almost unavoidable. The ones who haven't had teeth problems or pain are the lucky few and should know tooth pain is not a joke.

With that being said I had a dead tooth that was causing me horrible pain. I eventually went to a dentist in the Dallas, Fort worth, Texas area. It cost me about $400 to get it removed and replaced with an artificial bone leaving a gap in the back of my teeth.

In the Philippines enjoying life with an affordable smile!

I visited the dentist in the Philippines and I am happy I did! People in America said it would be better with a USA dentist, but I saw no difference. The dentist in the Philippines was the exact same! Everything in the office was very clean and the dentist was just as professional as in the U.S.

My tooth was close to dying and they saved it and cost me about $40 USD. I am glad mainly because of the cost! It is way more cheaper in the Philippines then in America. If you are going to the Philippines soon or want to make an amazing vacation trip to the dentist come here if its reasonable enough for you.

I never would have thought I would be going to the dentist in a small town in the Philippines. This was a great experience I will remember for ever! It has opened my eyes to more possibilities to take advantage of on other countries. Don't let others tell you whats right and wrong only through your own trial and error can you know for certain. 

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