FRESH Seafood Market - In Small Philippines Cities - Near Torres Farm and Resort

Fresh Seafood Fish Markets in the Small Philippines Cities...

Getting fresh fish from the Philippines is never a bad choice! Fish are the main source of food in the Philippines. They love tuna here and have an abundance of different fish to pick from! Check out these awesome fish in the video and I talk more about what to expect in the markets.

Looking for fresh seafood markets in the Philippines or ever just wonder what its like there?

If your looking for some good deals on whole and live FRESH fish come to this little fish port in the Philippines. Located Munting Mapino Rd Naic, Cavtie Philippines if you don’t come super early in the morning you will miss out on most of the good fresh fish.

I went at 4am it was tough but worth it! We got live blue crabs and some really big shrimps! There also was many butchers making the freshest fish cuts i've seen!  I can tell you they lived a good life living wild and free in the ocean because they tasted like they were wild and free!

There is also a few cool spots you should see in these small Philippines cities...

Torres Farm and Resort is one of my favorite spots close by! Its got all the greatest monuments in the world. The pyramids of Egypt, Statue of liberty with the twin towers, leaning tower of Pisa and more! Don't over look this small Philippine city its full of surprises!

I enjoyed waking up early to pick the best fish offered. You can expect the cheapest price for all of this amazing seafood in the Philippines. Known for having some of the best fish to pick from this is an opportunity you want to take advantage of. I can't wait to come back again so I can cook some more amazing seafood!

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