Coron - Diving, World War 2 Ships and Coral Reefs

Diving in Coron, WW2 Warships and Coral Reefs...

Beautiful island hopping destinations just a short distance from each other! Amazing adventure await you here so reserve a spot quick before there is to many people! Everything is so close to each other traveling will only take a few minutes to get around these beaches and islands. Check out the coral reefs and sunken ships they will have you awestruck!

How to get there and how much it cost...

There are two different ways you can reach Coron coming from Manila. You can get there by ferry or by plane depending on how much you want to spend and how quickly you want to be there. The fastest way to get there is by plane obviously but will cost you about 60-100$ more.

Your other choice which is cheaper but can take up to 15 hours is by ferry. There are two ferries from Manila that will leave to Coron and are called 2 Go and Phimal. Phimal is the fastest and will take about 5 hours depending on weather conditions. The cost of taking that one will be about $35 USD. The 2 Go ferry is slower but more comfortable. That ferry will cost you about $27 USD depending on which bed or room you want.


Things to do and what to expect...

There are two parts of Coron the main land city and the smaller island. Here are a few things you can expect. Island tours in Coron can cost 650 PHP to 1200 PHP on average that is also including lunch. This place is also known for having really good diving spots. If you don't plan on doing any diving a 3 day trip will be just perfect to explore this place.


 A really popular thing to do is go diving the many sunken WW2 ships in Coron. There is about 12 they have found and all of them have many corals growing on these ships. You can also see many diverse fish around these areas in Coron. If you love water and seeing abundant sea life this is a hot spot destination for you! 

Like I was saying Coron has some really cool beaches with white sand and clear blue water. This is an amazing destination for island hopping since everything is so close you wont waste to much time from traveling. Be careful though not to wear yourself out to much! You can easily make yourself fatigue with all this fun and I will say it again 3 days exploring will be just fine. Safe Travels!!!

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