Condos And Apartments For Rent In Tagaytay, Philippines

What It Is Like Looking For Renters In Tagaytay, Philippines....

When looking for places to rent in Tagaytay we looked and asked in many different places. Before we went to Tagaytay we first contacted people though facebook groups and Air BnBs asking if they are willing to rent for 6 months. Some said yes some said no so we got ready to make are way there. Once we arrived we visited a few places that looked like condos or apartments and just asked the front desks. Some of these places had peoples numbers you can call and ask about. It was a fun adventure but it took some work getting are place.

What to Expect Staying In Tagaytay, Philippines....

Tagaytay is probably the best place to stay in the Philippines besides Palawan. It is also know to be one of the coldest cities in the Philippines. This is a resort town people will travel all over just to cool off and enjoy some Starbucks observing a volcano in the distance. Some days this place can be paradise but other days mainly holidays it becomes complete chaos here. I enjoyed the time I had staying here but I have seen everything so I am ready for Palawan now.

Entertainment, Shopping, Food And More Await In Tagaytay....

There is many different things to do in this area. Some thing relaxing and laid to to explore is the picnic grove not to far. It was amazing views of Taal Volcano all around. There is also the presidential mansion thats not to far. It has a beautiful view of the mountains and landscape. One more really popular thing close to this place is the Sky Ranch Amusement Park. If you are in Tagaytay I highly recommend seeing this park you wont regret it. I have explored and talked about all these places too so look out for that content!

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