Burton Step on Bindings - Snowboarding Winter Park Colorado First Season - The Rocky Mountains

Burton Step on Bindings and First Season Snowboarding Winter Park!

I heard Burton step on bindings are not as good as strap in bindings so I had to try it myself. When I first stepped into the bindings getting ready for some crazy slopes I realized how much easier it was to just go. With almost no effort the Burton step on bindings for snowboarders was like a dream them putting on.

First season snowboarding and I had to try the newly developed Burton step on bindings.

Burton has step in bindings for snowboards and I heard people got ejected from so I had to test it out myself.  These are the new edition and they said are better then the previous.

I wasn't really sure how I would react to these bindings. Putting them on was always easy and seemed like a better alternative to strap in bindings. I fell a couple of times and the board never detached which was great! Once you try these it will be hard to go back to the old bindings.

Winter Park Resort in Colorado and experience snowboarding there. 

I am new to snowboarding and decided to do some exploring on the mountain. Starting out it took about 3 weeks before I got use to it. I fell a few times but got right back up! The first week was tough I never gave up I couldn't I was enjoying myself to much.

The snow was amazing and I had plenty of powder days here as well. I worked on the mountain so I got to snowboard into work almost everyday. If your looking for a great time in the Rocky Mountains I would recommend this place to get your snow fix. Check out these sweet runs on my video at Winter Park Resort in Colorado and I also get attacked by a dog don't miss that!

Snowboarding is now one of my favorite sports! Thanks to Winter Park Resort they have given me a new passion! I am always eagerly waiting for the next winter season. Now I look for other countries to visit just for the snowboarding. Possible places I may go is Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and even Antarctica!

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