Best Vacation Spots In The USA - Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Top 10 Vacation Spots In The USA...

I have done a lot of research looking for the most popular places people like to vacation in the USA. I have already been to some of these places and plan to visit more or revisit again. If you are planning a vacation in the USA consider these places I highly recommend.

Popular places to eat and go for vacation...

Austin, Texas is known as the live music capital of the world. There is a band or Dj paying music almost everywhere you go and even the homeless people will play music on the street corners. This place is also know for have really amazing food trucks to eat at South congress food truck park is just one of many places to go. 6th street and Rainy street are great for some late night drinking.

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Seattle, Washington has islands you can day trip to. The Gas Works Park is also a great spot to visit and maybe even have a picnic. Being next to the ocean you know they have fresh seafood and was voted #3 best food in USA

New Orleans, Luisiana is known as city of jazz and crawfish. The most popular time to visit is Mardi Gras which is celebrated about 2 weeks. This place was also voted to have the #8 best food in USA.

Chicago, Illinois has an amazing china town people love to visit. They are also know for having great improve shows. Chicago is known for having the best food and was voted #5 in USA.

Portland, Oregon has some of the best coffee. You will also love seeing some comedy shows here and are some of the best around. Breweries and food trucks are both really popular as well. Portland got voted #6 food in USA as well.

Trending places the whole family will love...

San Diego, California Coronado island is a very popular place to go and has a very lovely beach. It is also known to be the #1 family beach in USA. Don't miss out on La Jolla cove! There are seals and other sea creatures to see here and along the coasts of San Diego.

Las Vegas, Nevada besides the casinos there are many other things you can do. Ride in super cars on Las Vegas Motor speed way or maybe go sand boarding if your into that kinda thing. More then likely Vegas will cost a lot especially when the family is with you.

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Miami, Florida is known for having amazing beaches. One cool place to see there is the Hollywood board walk for some amazing views and good food. Also go to the Florida Keys that is a hotspot destination everyone will love!

Cleveland, Ohio has an amazing amusement park called Cedar Point. They call it the rollercoaster capital of the world and the rides here have broken many records. Another thing to visit is the rock and roll hall of fame! 

Boulder, Colorado has a lot of beautiful mountains and scenery. Hiking the tails around here will have you awestruck. They also have a famous beer trail with lots of breweries and are known for its tasty beer. You might wanna make that beer tail a 2-3 day trip its a lot to take in.

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