45 Islands to Explore in El Nido, Philippines

El Nido Is Known For Clear Water And White Sandy Beaches....

If you are looking for an island hoping adventure check out El Nido in the Philippines. It is perfect for people looking to get into island getaways! With the white beaches and blue waters this place will have you in paradise! Not to mention how great the seafood is here. Most of the fisherman will cook fresh fish with amazing fresh ingredients as well! You don't wanna miss out on this place!

Check out the marine life and island hopping here....

El nido has so much to offer when it comes to exploring life in the ocean. You might wanna book a month here if you wanna see all the islands. Island hopping can be very exhausting and you might get worn out after the third day. During the island tours it lasts though most the day and the feed you free food towards the end of your last island. Swimming and walking the many islands is what makes you the most tired. I highly recommend this place to any adventure seekers!

The other islands you can explore outside El Nido....

Palawan is the most popular place to explore as far as island hopping goes. Almost anywhere in Palawan will give you amazing adventures to go on. Coron is another hot spot people like to go diving and see sunken war ships. Go see one of the worlds longest under ground rivers in Puerto Princessa. There is also Boracay which was voted to be the best island in the world. Without a doubt the Philippines has so much to offer when it comes to exploring islands. Don't be afraid to check these places out! I went to most these places and it was totally worth it!

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