2Go Ferry Suite Room Leaving Manila, Philippines

Getting To The Ferry and The Suite Room for 2

We left from Niac, Cavite to Manila using a personal driver and it wasn't cheap. Once we arrived it was easy to find are way into the port. We went through security and put us in a waiting room for like 1-2 hours I think. It felt like forever trying to get on the ferry as everyone waited anxiously. Once they started directing people to the ferry everyone rushed to grab there things and head inside the ferry. I had excitement building up inside me as we started going up the stairs into the boat. Inside people are being very nice directing us it was amazing and comfortable glad I didn't take the super value class.


Getting the suite room comes with a free meal and entertainment for the night. I had an amazing time riding on this boat. The food was great and the music was nice too! The beer on the other hand was warm and they up sold the cold beer for more money which I thought was smart but scandalous. There is a lot of room but people are everywhere just trying to enjoy themselves for the night. They do keep the cheaper classes separated from this area but your free to roam the ferry for the most part.


The room we got was awesome we had a lot of space which was great! The beds are separate so if you want a two person bed you wont get that anymore. We got are free meal with the room and it was in a private dinning area away from the main part where everyone else was. The bathroom was great had a shower didn't really need it though water was so cold. The best part of the room was the view of downtown Manila skyline! From experiencing this room and extra service given you can bet I would pay for it again.

Manila Philippines Skyline Port View

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